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`FilterBeforeBox` and `IntrinsicBox`

d.kilic requested to merge gray-out-calib into master

This MR moves two GroupBoxes from Control into their own widgets:

  • filterBefore
  • intrinsic


  • MERGE !245 (merged)
  • Add tests for calibration; since only applying an existing calibration is tested with the regression tests, not creating a new one...
  • Manual testing of GUI


  • Changed Petrack-Object to take version via constructor, such that mDefaultSettings has a valid version.
  • Moved min/max values to UI, since they have only been used there
  • Save distortionCoeffs as float, since they have only been used with that precision (camMat is sometimes used with double precision, so it is saved as double)
    • Should I save distortionCoeffs as double instead and convert to float for using it (to not fail regression tests)?
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