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Resolve "Refactor Tracker::track()"

d.kilic requested to merge 18-refactor-tracker-track into master

Splitted the track method into:

  • track
  • void trackFeaturePointsLK(int level);
  • void refineViaColorPointLK(int level, float errorScale);
  • void useBackgroundFilter(QList& trjToDel, BackgroundFilter *bgFilter);
  • void refineViaNearDarkPoint();

Also added:

  • void preCalculateImagePyramids(int level); Which doubles the performance (10 minutes on the regression test instead of 20)

All in all:

  • Split Tracker::track for readability
  • Added Doxygen comments
  • Precalculate image pyramids
  • Factored merging out of Tracker::insertFeaturePoints

Closes #18 (closed)

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