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Resolve "Custom MessageBox with logging capabilities and offscreen/scripting support"

This MR introduces a new class with corresponding new macros for opening dialogs showing simple messages to the user.

The macros also log the messages used and only actually show a dialog, when the platform is not -platform offscreen. This could and should be changed when a proper flag for a non-GUI mode gets established.

Example of output when used normally:



Example of output when used via CLI with -platform offscreen

.\petrack.exe E:\ -platform offscreen -autotrack delMe
This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()
main in main.cpp line 163: Starting PeTrack Version 0.8 (Build Feb 16 2021 13:47:37, C:\Users\Deniz\Documents\build-petrack-Desktop_Qt_5_15_0_MinGW_64_bit-Release\petrack.exe)
openProject in petrack.cpp line 640: open E:\
openProject in petrack.cpp line 648: Warning: Reading E:\
Different version numbers 0.8 (application) and 0.7 (file) may cause problems.

openTimeFile in animation.cpp line 200: Found corresponding time file E://ao-440-400_cam2.time
openTimeFile in animation.cpp line 220: Recording starts at 12.05.2009 16:14:12.281250
openTimeFile in animation.cpp line 252: Recording ends at 12.05.2009 16:14:58.218750
openTimeFile in animation.cpp line 254: Fps with 736 frames: 16 (min 15.9681 at frame 36 to 37, max 16.0643 at frame 79 to 80)
openAnimationVideo in animation.cpp line 1062: Stereo videos temporary not supported!
openAnimation in animation.cpp line 337: Warning: New loaded time file do not correspond to untouched sequence, because new sequence was not loadable!
openSequence in petrack.cpp line 867: Critical: Cannot load E://ao-440-400_cam2_0000.avi.
importTracker in petrack.cpp line 2622: import E://ao-440-400_cam2.trc (352 person(s), file version 2)
forward in player.cpp line 315: Warning: video unexpected finished.
exportTracker in petrack.cpp line 3080: export tracking data to delMe.trc (352 person(s), file version 4)...
exportTracker in petrack.cpp line 3154: export tracking data to delMe.txt (352 person(s))...
finished \

Closes #124 (closed)

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