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Resolve "Refactoring the findMultiColorMarker function"

The following functions have been factored out of findMultiColorMarker:

  • findColorBlob
  • restrictPositionBlackDot
  • custonBgr2Gray (part of Black Dot)
  • refineWithBlackDot
  • refineWithAruco

There are multiple structs added for passing parameters, since there are plenty. This may be reduced in future by using classes in accordance to #123 . But this goes further than I want to go with this MR and requires more Discussion & Design. This just reduces function size, adds some docs and enables reusing of the colorblob detection.


  • Rename all variables according to convention (camelCase)
  • Check for superflous copies caused by factoring out functions
  • Factor control changes out of this MR

Closes #133 (closed)

Edited by d.kilic

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