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Gray out calib 4

d.kilic requested to merge gray-out-calib-4 into master

This MR factors out the CoordinateSystemBox. I apologzie in advance, this MR tackles multiple things at once while doing that.

The changes are:

  • moving the "Coordinate System" box out of control into its own cpp/h/ui file
    • that means moving the widget and all its signal/slot connections
  • Create new interface WorldImageCorrespondence for all calculations between image/pixel coords and world coords (dispatches to ExtrCalibration when 3D, else uses old 2D coord sys)
  • Moves the methods for wold image correspondence from the ImageItem to the newly created CoordinateSystemBox
  • During this change: Make the 2D coord system not depend on mapToItem; its now using normal affine transformations (QTransform) instead, which incidentally should make #383 easier
  • imageSizeChanged is now a slot of Control, such that ImageItem can call it without having a reference to Control by sending a signal (Following that: image item is now now directly depending on control anymore)
  • Some include clean-up

Reviewer Checklist


  • the pre-build checks succeed

General code quality

  • naming conventions are met (see .clang-tidy for detailed information)
  • no static analyzer warnings in new code parts (e.g., use clang-tidy for checking)

General usability

  • old versions of pet-files are still loadable

Only if changes in UI

  • new elements are also saved and loaded from pet-file
  • check if tab order is still correct
  • all new SpinBoxes are promoted
  • new keybindings added to Petrack::keyBindings()
Edited by Schrödter, Tobias

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