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fix: set maximum personNr not current personNr

  • updateControlWidget should set new maximum person Nr
  • in 3a2030ba wrongfully changed to set current person; revert this change here
  • reintroduce updateControlWidget to editTrackPersonComment

Closes #365 (closed)

Reviewer Checklist

General code quality

  • naming conventions are met (see .clang-tidy for detailed information)
  • no static analyzer warnings in new code parts (e.g., use clang-tidy for checking)

General usability

  • old versions of pet-files are still loadable

Only if changes in UI

  • new elements are also saved and loaded from pet-file
  • check if tab order is still correct
  • all new SpinBoxes are promoted
  • new keybindings added to Petrack::keyBindings()

Merge request reports