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Add Ctrl+E Shortcut for trajectory export

d.kilic requested to merge 269-make-shortcut-export into master
  • Remove Shortcut Ctrl+E for Export Video View
  • Add Shortcut Ctrl+E for exporting trajectories

This shortcut behaves the same as if one would click the button itself. So the export dialog pops up.

Also, this was implemented using the ui-file instead of the code method presented in the issue #269 (closed).

  • Check if behaviour (letting export dialog pop up) is the desired behaviour

NOTE: The implementation via ui-file means the shortcut only works when the track-tab is selected. I guess this is not desired, but I want to discuss this. If it indeed is not desired, I will change this shortcut and the shortcut Shift + T, which is implemented in the same manner, to be created by code instead.

Closes #269 (closed)

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