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Resolve "Add Support for mutliple MoCap-Files"

d.kilic requested to merge 195-support-mutliple-mocap-files into master

This MR introduces support for multiple MoCap-Files. Note that support was already present in the backend, so this is only creating an interface for the user.

The user interface looks as follows: image

This new dialog replaces Open MoCap file and is named ´Manage MoCap files´. It displays all loaded MoCap-Files. By clicking on the +-Button, the user adds a new of the smaller widgets, where they can browse/select a file and set offset and samplerate. By clicking on the trash bin, the user can delete an existing person.

OK loads in new MoCap-Files and deletes deleted People. (Delete PeTrack-internally, the files are only ever read).

Cancel just closes the window without applying any changes.

The window might need to be resized, depending on display resolution. QScollArea does ignore its children size and thus manually sizing it to be of the neccessary width (probably demanding a resize of the window as well), would be needed. I haven't yet found an elegant (or really, just always correctly working) way of doing this.

Closes #195 (closed)

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