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This is release 2.1

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== Revision history of libcerf, maintained by Joachim Wuttke ==
libcerf-2.1, released 8apr22:
- provide cerfConfig.cmake (contributed by Lori A. Burns and Christoph Junghans)
- libcerf.pc: remove hard-coded lib/
- version number incremented to overcome upstream problems with withdrawn release 2.0
libcerf-1.17, released 29jun21:
- Correct pkgconfig installation directory (use GNU install dirs, install to LIBDIR/pkgconfig)
......@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@ else()
set(CERF_SOVERSION 1) # API version
set(CERF_VERSION ${CERF_SOVERSION}.17) # minor version
set(CERF_SOVERSION 2) # API version
set(CERF_VERSION ${CERF_SOVERSION}.1) # minor version
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