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Remove quadratic scaling with number of layers

Beerwerth, Randolf requested to merge performance-parameters into develop

This PR removes the quadratic scaling with the number of layers:

  • when creating a multilayer
  • when running a simulation, as long as no parameter distribution is present

As a result, the runtime is pretty linear now also for large numbers of layers. "Old" in these plots refers to timings before MR !7 (merged). compare_np_const

For completeness, updated timing with constant number of layers. Again, compared to the state before MR !7 (merged). compare_nl_const

More timing results: Here, it is split into the full runtime (create sample + create simulation + run simulation) and only the run step (run simulation). For constant number of layers: compare_nl_const_run For constant number of Q points compare_np_const_run

All timings were done with a single thread and without any resolution correction. Multi-threading slows things down considerably for small numbers of layers and points.

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