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New tiff file loader based on libtiff

Trageser requested to merge new_tiff_file_loader into main

This introduces libtiff as a new dependency to steca. The code of static void loadTiff(Rawfile* file, const QString& filePath, deg phi, double monitor, double expTime) has been rewritten to use the libtiff functions to load data from tiff files.

  • The Steca tiff loader also supports now 16 Bits besides 32 Bit tiff files.
  • If the data format is not specified in the tif header, it will be assumed to be of integer

The speed of loading tiff files has increased:

  • 37 tiff files from 4.41 s to 2.50 s (43%)
  • 41 files from 5.98 s to 2.78 s (54 %)

Background: This new load has been come necessary since Stress-Spec also now analyzes new data which couldn't be read by the previous loader.

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