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Additional colormap mode for polefigure

Trageser requested to merge issue108 into main

This implements and additional option for the polefigure widget which can be turned on/off at any given time to keep its old functionality.

If this new option is enabled:

  • all printed points in the polefigure tab are now color coded
  • the assigned color value depend of their intensity values
  • a vertically bar is plotted next to polefigure and shows colors to which the intensity values are mappend to
  • the radius of the points are adjusted to make the points for large and small alpha, beta angles equally visible

The last point is is a compromise between readability due to the area size and distance of the points with small alpha values.

In the side menu of the polefigure tab new GUI elements are implemented:

  • a checkbox to turn on/off this new feature
  • a groupbox with different GUI elements to adjust this new feature
  • a combobox to select the used color map
  • a combobox to set the number of different (color)-steps to set adjust the resolution
  • two doublespinboxes to set the minimal and maximum value which is used for the colormap
  • a checkbox to change the background to black (often necessary since white background gives bad contrast)
  • a checkbox to enable/disable the painted grid (it can be often distracted)

Resolves issue #108 (closed) #75 (closed)

Also this implements the data inspector tool from Issue #92.

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