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Debian Package

Trageser requested to merge LinuxInstaller into main

To distribute binaries directly on Linux systems this MR add the function of creating Debian packages. Auto naming of these packages is currently enabled, structure looks like this: <PackageName>_<VersionNumber>-<DebianRevisionNumber>_<DebianArchitecture>.deb

It is planed to always add these Debian packages to our releases page.

Some details:

  • Libraries which are not directly available are included in the debian package like libQCR, libCerf and LibLmfit.
  • To reduce complains from cpack, I added a man page for Steca. Content is minimal but can be expanded on

@j.wuttke : Please be aware that I added you as direct contact person. If this is not aligned with your ideas please tell me who should I add, but I need to add a contact person for Debian packages.

Tested Debian and Ubuntu virtual machines

set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VENDOR "Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH")
set(CPACK_PACKAGE_MAINTAINER "Scientific Computing Group at Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum Garching")
set(CPACK_PACKAGE_CONTACT "Joachim Wuttke <>")

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