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Fix problems of PyCore

Ammar Nejati requested to merge a.fixEmbeddedPython into main

Some problems with interoperation with Python are fixed in the PyCore module.

  • BornAgain.callScriptFunction function is added to the PyCore module to call a function within a BornAgain Python-script.
  • Embedded.BornAgainPyFunctionTest test is added to test importing a BornAgain Python-script.
  • The produced Python scripts in SampleToPython module are fixed.
  • In SampleView module, a GUI crash is prevented if the no Python script is selected or the selected script is empty.

Furthermore, manual_winbuild.ps1 is update according to the latest changes.

The script-importing with the GUI was tested under Linux and Windows with different Python versions installed via the standard Python installer.

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