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Add a Homebrew Formula for BornAgain

Ammar Nejati requested to merge a.addHomebrewFormula into main

A Homebrew formula for building BornAgain is added along with a supporting developer documentation for creation and testing of the formula.

The switch BA_APPLE_HOMEBREW is added to configure the build system to work under Homebrew.

As the Homebrew formula builds the GUI only, BA_PY_PACK switch is re-introduced to avoid building the Python wheel when BA_APPLE_HOMEBREW=ON.

BA Python wheel is changed to a separate target and their build commands are encapsulated in the CMake scripts, instead of explicitly calling a command like bash var/

  • Additional modifications
    • In Doc/man/CMakeLists.txt, gzip command is performed after bornagain.1 is made, in order to avoid a build error.
    • Produce the documentation only if BA_DOCS=ON.
    • Unused option LIB_MAN is removed from the documentation.
    • Unneeded and are removed.

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