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Use CD-correct Canvas Margins

Herten, Andreas requested to merge fix--logo-margin-NEW into master

This moves over to a non-whitespace'd version of the FZJ logo for this. I also fix most of the occurances of 0.5cm to 0.05\paperheight (which is the same for the 1610 aspectratio, but not for other ratios). The partner logo placements have been moved as well.

The tutorial also now has a new page relating to margins, including a margin-box overlay (slide 31).

This is the last part of the re-implementation of merge request !7 (closed), appendix by some fixes.

To quote an earlier commit of mine:

The size of the logo now is not fixed to the file size but fixed to the document size, in accordance with the CD. The height of the logo is 8% of the smaller side of the document, i.e. 0.08\paperheight.

The logo should be placed the following way, according to CD

  • To the right, it has Y space. With Y begin 5% of the smaller page side, i.e. 0.05\paperheight.
  • To the bottom, it has Y space below the baseline of "Forschungszentrum". Hence, from the lower border of the slide, the logo needs to moved up 0.05\paperheight and then moved down by half the amount the J part of the logo is larger then the rest of the logo. The J is about 7% larger than the rest of the logo; i.e. 0.05\paperheight-0.5*0.07*0.08\paperheight.

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