Commit e1c6d0c5 authored by Wuttke, Joachim's avatar Wuttke, Joachim Committed by Wuttke, Joachim
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Refiner: pointer valued fcts now return const pointer

parent 534361e3
......@@ -354,17 +354,17 @@ int Refiner::updatePredictions(std::vector<Peak3D*> peaks)
return updated;
UnitCell* Refiner::unrefinedCell()
const UnitCell* Refiner::unrefinedCell() const
return &_unrefined_cell;
InstrumentStateList* Refiner::refinedStates()
const InstrumentStateList* Refiner::refinedStates() const
return _states;
InstrumentStateList* Refiner::unrefinedStates()
const InstrumentStateList* Refiner::unrefinedStates() const
return &_unrefined_states;
......@@ -109,13 +109,13 @@ class Refiner {
const std::vector<RefinementBatch>& batches() const;
//! Return the unrefined cell
UnitCell* unrefinedCell();
const UnitCell* unrefinedCell() const;
//! Return the refined states
InstrumentStateList* refinedStates();
const InstrumentStateList* refinedStates() const;
//! Return the unrefined states
InstrumentStateList* unrefinedStates();
const InstrumentStateList* unrefinedStates() const;
//! Return number of frames
int nframes() const;
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