Commit 5ff568b3 authored by Wuttke, Joachim's avatar Wuttke, Joachim Committed by Wuttke, Joachim
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DataHandler: normalize doxy comments

parent 8a4ef2eb
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ class DataSet;
class Diffractometer;
class InstrumentStateHandler;
//! Holds named DataSet%s, experiment name, and info on the instrument.
class DataHandler {
......@@ -40,32 +41,32 @@ class DataHandler {
const std::string& experiment_name, const std::string& diffractometerName,
InstrumentStateHandler* instrument_state_handler);
public: // Handling data sets
//! Get the diffractometer
//! Returns pointer to the diffractometer
Diffractometer* getDiffractometer();
//! Set the diffractometer
//! Sets the diffractometer
void setDiffractometer(const std::string& diffractometerName);
//! Gets a reference to the data
//! Returns pointer to the DataMap
const DataMap* getDataMap() const;
//! Gets the pointer to a given data stored in the experiment
//! Returns pointer to the DataSet of given name
sptrDataSet getData(std::string name) const;
//! Return all data sets as a DataList
//! Returns all data sets as a DataList
DataList getAllData() const;
//! Get number of data
//! Returns number of DataSet%s
int numData() const;
//! Add some data to the experiment
//! Adds a DataSet to the experiment
bool addData(sptrDataSet data, std::string name, bool default_states = true);
//! Returns true if the experiment has a data
//! Returns true if the experiment has a DataSet of given name
bool hasData(const std::string& name) const;
//! Remove a data from the experiment
//! Removes a DataSet from the experiment
void removeData(const std::string& name);
std::string _experiment_name;
std::unique_ptr<Diffractometer> _diffractometer;
//! A map of the data related to the experiment.
//! Map name -> DataSet, holding all data sets pertaining to the experiment.
DataMap _data_map;
//! pointer to handler for instrument states
//! Pointer to handler for instrument states
InstrumentStateHandler* _instrument_state_handler;
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