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Prepare for release 1.19

Set version to 1.19.0.
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BornAgain-1.19.0, released 2021.01.xx
BornAgain-1.19.0, released 2021.03.17
> API changes:
* Provide compact constructors like GISASimulation(beam, sample, detector)
* Remove "get" from several accessor functions
......@@ -7,15 +7,20 @@ BornAgain-1.19.0, released 2021.01.xx
* Rename OffSpec* to OffSpecular*
* Remove some interference functions constructors
* Remove old R&T computations from API (now in Code/Legacy and Tests)
* Make Python plot API entirely keyword based
* Add support for q offset in QSpecScan (redmine 2496)
* Make Python plot API entirely keyword based
* Remove default Python fit monitor, user must choose between GISAS and specular plotter
> GUI changes:
* Improve 1D CSV importer:
* Separator guessing
* Options for file parsing (skipped lines, separator, columns, unit of Q)
* Table of imported data
* Detailed error reporting
* Add top-level menu View, with functionality moved in from other places
* Add accelerator keys to menus
* Minor layout improvements
> Bug fixes:
* Make polarized R,T coefficients numerically stable (redmine 726)
* Correct handling of polarization for unpolarized samples, and related fixes
* For alpha_i=0, set scattered intensity to 0
* Rectify native path representation for Windows (redmine 2502)
* Several GUI bugs that caused crashes (github 1034, 1060, 117, 1136)
......@@ -24,17 +29,24 @@ BornAgain-1.19.0, released 2021.01.xx
> Documentation:
* Unify API usage in many examples, using BornAgain's Python exporter
* Remove many entries from Doxygen user API
* New reflectometry fitting examples using real data: Pt layer, Honeycomb
* In web docs, merge Python tutorial and examples collection
> Internal refactoring:
* Move code to break directory include cycles
* Accelerate reflectometry computation
* Move C++ code to break cyclic directory include dependences
* Rename a few classes (ISimulation)
* Simplify and commented std test machinery
* Simplify iteration over INode children
* Simplify export of get_sample function
* Simplify data read/write wrapper
* Simplify lots of GUI internals
* Replace boost::filesystem by C++17 std
* Draw IComputeFF and children out of IFormFactor inheritance tree
* Replace any SIGNAL() & SLOT() by the non-macro-versions (github 1168)
* Removed dependence of GUI on qt-manhattan-style
* Reorganize Wrap/Python, with new modules ba_plot, ba_fitmonitor
* Improve test coverage of Python examples
* Moved CI from GitHub Actions to gitlab-runner on our own machines
BornAgain-1.18.0, released 2020.10.30
> API changes:
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ set(CONFIGURABLES_DIR ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/cmake/configurables)
VERSION 1.18.99
VERSION 1.19.0
DESCRIPTION "BornAgain: simulate and fit scattering at grazing incidence."
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