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| name | description |
| ---- | ----------- |
| [fMRIPrep](fmriprep/) | |
| [matlab](matlab/) | |
| [python](python/) | |
| [ncal](ncal/) | |
| [python](python/) | |
# fMRIPrep
This template serves only as an example. It will need to be adapted in order to
run for your project. Most importantly the
1) `bids_dir`
2) `output_dir`
3) [command-line arguments](
to control which workflows are run
## Prerequisites
* a FreeSurfer license file located at `~/freesurfer_license.txt` (you can
copy the system one using `cp /opt/freesurfer/6.0/license.txt
~/freesurfer_license.txt`. Hopefully this step can be removed soon.
* a Singularity image of fMRIPrep. You can build it by running:
singularity build ~/fmriprep-<version>.simg docker://poldracklab/fmriprep:<version>
Be sure to substitute `<version>` for the version of fMRIPrep you want to build.
* a BIDS dataset
## Things to Note
* **CPU:**: 1 CPU was chosen as (with the option used in this example) there was
no appreciable speed difference between 1 CPU and multi-CPU jobs.
* **RAM:** 8GB is [recommended by upstream](
* **DISK:** This script sets fMRIPrep's `--work-dir` to `/tmp` (which will use
the local cache disk on the compute nodes). The keeps the ~90GB of temp files
that fMRIPrep generates local to each node, and avoids running over storage
quota limits.
## Running
Adjust the variables in the script, most especially the `BIDS_DIR`,
`OUTPUT_DIR`, and `FMRIPREP`. Also adjust the subjects for-loop to meet your
When you've made your changes, run it like so:
./ | condor_submit
# v1.0
# create the logs dir if it doesn't exist
[ ! -d "${LOGS_DIR}" ] && mkdir -p "${LOGS_DIR}"
# print the .submit header
printf "# The environment
universe = vanilla
getenv = True
request_cpus = ${CPUS}
request_memory = ${RAM}
request_disk = ${DISK}
# Execution
initial_dir = \$ENV(HOME)/htcondor-templates/fmriprep
executable = /usr/bin/singularity
# loop over all subjects
for sub in sub-{01..36}; do
printf "arguments = run --cleanenv -B ${BIDS_DIR} ${FMRIPREP} \
--n_cpus ${CPUS} \
--skull-strip-fixed-seed \
--fs-license-file ${FREESURFER_LIC} \
--work-dir /tmp \
${BIDS_DIR} ${OUTPUT_DIR} participant \
--participant-label ${sub}\n"
printf "log = ${LOGS_DIR}/\$(Cluster).\$(Process).sub-${sub}.log\n"
printf "output = ${LOGS_DIR}/\$(Cluster).\$(Process).sub-${sub}.out\n"
printf "error = ${LOGS_DIR}/\$(Cluster).\$(Process).sub-${sub}.err\n"
printf "Queue\n\n"
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