Commit 07f0f13c authored by Alex Waite's avatar Alex Waite

singularity: expand comments, and reorder shell script

parent a12d200d
# use a dedicated "scratch disk"
cd /tmp
chmod 1777 /tmp
# clone the repo (with the singularity recipe file) to the scratch disk
git clone /tmp/htcondor-templates
cd /tmp/htcondor-templates/singularity
# download the singularity recipe file
git clone
cd htcondor-templates/singularity
# restore default permissions on the /tmp dir (from Condor's 0700). /tmp is
# bind mounted inside of the singularity container, and will have permission
# issues without this.
chmod 1777 /tmp
# build the singularity image file
# (to gain this sudo access, it requires membership in the "singulars" group on
# Juseless. If you need this, talk with Jan or Alex.)
sudo singularity build sl.simg sl.def
# copy the image file back to your directory
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