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How to use this project

This project is intended as a work of reference. When contributing, please keep in mind that it should still be understandable after some time when the short term memory of those involved has been cleared.


A collection of manuals, guides, how-twos, step-by-steps... basically whenever you provide something with interest to the whole INM-1 group create a quick wiki article about it (what is it, how to use it, where to find it, links, ...). Things which are only relevant for a research group should be excluded here and moved to their respective project folders. Remember to keep your contributions up to date when things change! Also, if other people frequently ask you about something, it may be worth it to create an article about that as well...

If you are reading through the wiki and find things that are wrong or outdated, please either fix them (as a member of the project) or point it out to the author.


Also problems/errors with the wiki should be documented here if they cannot be corrected by the person discovering them.


List of all available articles

Managing your personal profile on the webpage